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Jada's story

Well, it all started in fourth grade. I was cute and had the chubbiest cheeks ever... My family and close friends would say they make me unique and I was pretty and not to bother what anybody said... at my age I was so young I didn't mind at first... I thought it was a part of school. Like everybody says, school is filled with rumours, drama and arguments.
Well, I was getting bullied over my weight, looks, smartness, and my hair... I had the longest hair ever and that's when I started changing my looks. In fifth grade I decided to give up on everybody and stay close to myself.

I didn't want any friends or anything; I then started to get my hair cut, and to think maybe that would lower the rumours. That didn't work. They still talked about me... Saying I did it because I had cancer (and cancer isn't anything to joke around about). I was so hurt. I didn't want to go to school. Even the friends I used to have talked about me behind my back. It hurt so much. I tried to lose weight but I was still young, so I couldn't do much...in sixth grade, it got WORSE. That’s when the real hurt rumours started... I wanted to hide in a hole. But seventh grade through my 8th grade year I really broke down... I cut my hair totally off... I only have a little baby Afro. I also have been trying to lose weight but with being injured and having all this stress from bullies on your shoulders doesn't help.

I stay in my room every day after school. My grades have been going down ever since I had family members pass... the most important one to me... that's when it all got worse.
I felt like I couldn't do it. I felt like I wasn't welcomed here. I didn't want to take anymore rumours in but it’s difficult when people come and say stuff to your own face daily.

People to this day, people lie on me so I can get in trouble, they spread rumours and I regret that I cut my hair, because things had gotten worse.
I used to cry myself to sleep every night but I saw a school counsellor and she helped.
I like to write poems about being bullied, to maybe help all the other kids out there to stand up for themselves and come out the hole and be happier…

My goal for my future is to keep my head held high until I get out of school and actually go somewhere in my life and show all the elementary and middle school students that bullied me that I actually went somewhere and they didn't because they wasted all their time bullying.
Bullying isn't right, you shouldn't bully because kids commit suicide over bullies... they actually have feelings to cry about... bullies are kids worst enemies... they’re scared of you.

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