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Emma's story 2

When I was little I used to love my life. When I got into year 1 my life changed a lot; my sister's friends started calling me mini Natalie (my sister) but I din't recognise it as bullying until year 4. When I was in year 4 two boys in my class that were bullying me started staring at me when I was getting changed for P.E. I was bullied from year 4 to 6. I was also bullied in year 6 by my friends.

When I started year 7 I thought it was going to be great but I was wrong. After two months I was being physically bullied. After this, I tried to strangle myself on the way to school but it failed and I was really unhappy because I was later bullied again. I was bullied by in on crutches. He kept saying I had psychological problems and that my teachers were calling me an idiot. At the same time I was bullied by a girl who called me evil and really mean. We were in history and I said jokingly I wanted to be a nun but she said I was too evil to be a nun. Then later we did who killed the monk? and she said it that it was me.

Bullies are just trying to get you to be scared of them but show them your not scared and tell someone and everything will improve.People can help you. Tell a teacher or parents and you can stop bullying for good.

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