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Anonymous story 3

I lived in Dubai for 13 and a half years, going to the same school and being with the same people. I always had the same friends and nothing seemed to get me down. I had never fought with anyone nor had anyone fought with me. I was living life like a miracle. Then, my parents told me that we were moving to Pakistan. I thought it would be a good experience.

When I joined the school, I tried way too hard to fit in, I shoved pictures in a girl’s locker and I was already dating someone after a month. I also turned a lot of people against me. I soon realised that was a big mistake and therefore I tried my best to make things right with people. After a month, I finally made things right with the girl that I shoved pictures in her locker to. She forgave me and said she had been through the same type of bullying as me. The type of bullying that was not physical but verbal. However, it still affects you a lot. Having all my Dubai friends and some Pakistani friends there for me, I have gotten through some of it. I am still in the process of bullying. It will take time to stop. But now that I've made things right with people I feel so much better. As long as it’s one step at a time, it’s all good.

My bullying story was not as bad as others, no matter how major or minor you are getting bullied, it still matters. If it affects you it does matter. I was made to feel worthless and I cried myself to sleep. I felt like cutting myself, but I stopped myself from doing stupid things. I had to go through it. I was called names and ugly and fat. If you are ever called anything, don't take it to your heart, whoever is bullying you is probably jealous of you. One day you are going to become more successful than that person and you may end up being there boss for all knows. Just try your best so stay strong, don't forget that people in this world love you and if you are being bullied and you think you don't have friends, I'm your friend. It might sound ridiculous but it’s true. No one deserves to feel worthless, and ugly and fat. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, everyone is perfect. It might sound strange but believe it. And trust me, everything happens for a reason and things will get better and something better is going to happen to you if you had to experience bullying. Be patient. Wait. Wait for that thing to happen. Just wait and it will. Hope this made you feel better.