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Anonymous story 2

I am a bully. That's what makes my story different to most. I want to help stop this; it's not worth anything I have done.

Effectively, I am the worst kind of bully. I don't do it intentionally, therefore I don't know when I'm doing it, or even when I'm taking something to far. Yet, I'm aware of cases such as that of Amanda Todd, which I hope I never lower myself too... RIP sweetheart... Anyway. I suppose it all started because I myself was vulnerable. I was into the emo/goth scene so people stereotyped me. I was never bullied myself, though.

Chavs shot me some dirty looks, but other than that, life was fairly normal. One day, some girl was giving me a hard time. I did my best to ignore it, but I couldn't help being infuriated. After calling me a 'dirty whore' she swung for me, but I got her first, completely taking her out in one blow. Then her boyfriend went for me, but he was easy enough to take down. The next day, everyone was scared of me. The story was twisted as it went between mouths, some even went as far to say I killed her but she was revived somehow. Everyone started calling me 'hard' and kept their distance - even my enemies. This was the start of it all, when I learnt how to use violence to my advantage, and be top dog for once.

So that's what I did. I never hurt anyone, but boy would I threaten them, which always worked anyway, there was no need to take it to a new level. Then one day, my best friend at the time, went crazy over a guy who hated her. But, she loved him, so she just said to my mates and I that we were being idiots. I did particular things to upset her, and sure enough one by one everyone began to drift away from her and she was left alone. I'd laugh at her, say things openly behind her back and lie about her.

All because now I can completely control her life. I watched some kid being beaten today. I saved that kid. Nobody should die like this. So I've decided I will stop. This is the best way to rid the world of it. I can't believe I'd even done something like that. If only I could make others like me realise too...

Thank you for your time.