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Alex's story

On October 20th, 2011, no one was home after school so I tried to hang myself in my basement. I know what your thinking, why would she do such a selfish thing? Well I was going through so much I couldn’t even handle anything anymore. I gave up at the time. I ended up getting off the ground and going upstairs. I looked in the mirror and I saw the brush marks all over my neck from the rope. I knew in school the next day people were going to ask where was it from.

Then I started to cut myself. It was addicting, I did it a couple times that night. In the morning at school I ended up telling 2 of my best friends, someone told a guidance counsellor about what I did last night. When I got home after school, social workers came to my house and I had no idea why they were at my house at first, but then they asked me if I really tried to hang myself, and of course I told the truth. So I got taken down to ECMC after school, I had to sit in the emergency room for 6 hours, then I had to sit in CPEP for another 6 hours, the nurse finally took me up to my room. I ended up staying there till November 4th. It helped a lot, and taught me a lesson. I’m glad that whoever told, did tell the guidance counsellor about how I attempted suicide because I wouldn’t have gotten the help I needed. When I tell what happened that night I attempted suicide, I actually smile at the end now. My friends wonder why I smile.

I smile because I’m happy it’s over and I got the help I needed. I’m glad I don’t have to go through any of that pain anymore, because I try my best to think positive everyday. Things do get better; you just have to hang in there. I know this suicide attempt was recent and your wondering how I could tell this so soon, but like I said I’m happy that I got the help I needed, and I’m happy that the suicide attempt didn’t actually work out.

And remember things do get better.  Suicide is 100% preventable, speak out and reach out. People should at least try to get help even through its really hard at the time. There are many people that can help you. Everyone is concern about teens committing suicide. Everyone feels guilt when a teen commits suicide because they think they could have done something to prevent the suicide.

People shouldn’t feel embarrassed about trying to attempt suicide or even expressing their personal feelings. Everyone has difficult times in their lives and we need to help each other. Just remember things do get better.  

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