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I started being a bully 1 year ago when this girl in my tutor group went and got her hair cut really short and I did not like it. In a way it look like lady gaga so I called her it then I started hitting her and being mean to her. At break and lunch she would come up to me and say so then shall we get this over and done with, and a week came to two week then to three weeks and I started being really mean and then one day I followed her home and after that I watched her getting changed in the changing room. Then I thought to myself and said why I am doing this just because she has short hair, so I stopped. Now we are friends.

I have stopped bullying because you get nothing out of it, you are not pushing others out the way you are pushing yourself away. You lose friends bullying and you just get yourself in trouble. 

Whoever is reading this please stop because it is not nice and I have been bullied a long time ago when I was 9 by the person I bullied please please please stop.

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