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Anonymous story 5

It all started in Grade 4. I was whipped with skipping ropes and called fat by the kids at my school and the teachers didn't do anything. Honestly, they would stand around, watch me get beaten up and laugh.

In Grade 5 I was moved schools.. All was fine and dandy till Grade 7 rolled around and I had gained weight over the summer, I had no friends and I didn't have name brand clothes like all the other kids. They called me whale and chubby bunny. I know, they don't sound that bad now but try being 12 years old, shortest and thickest girl, in not only your grade but school. Year end of grade 7 I had told a friend my plans to stab myself that night. She immediately told a school counsellor who called my mom. At first I felt hatred towards him for telling but now I don't.

In Grade 9 things got worse, I moved across the country, I had started using Facebook more frequently and people were making fake accounts like "Henry Hippo," saying that I should kill myself and that I don't belong on this earth and that no be likes me and I'm better off for myself and everyone else, 6 feet under. I started self-harming then. That year I moved 3 times.. For the five months I lived with my grandmother I felt peace till I went back.

Now in Grade 11, there is a website called Ask.fm and I happen to be a popular topic on it. People writing anonymously on my friends wall saying that if they hang out or talk to me they better get a shot ‘cause I'm a "social disease. And that I should kill myself, all that joyful stuff again. I end the year in 3 days and I tried committing suicide yesterday. My best friend found me in my room. Today I realized how much I would hurt the people around me if I killed myself. I openly admit I doubted my friends about their support and I was proved highly wrong. It all comes to who you have around you and what you surround yourself in.